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2019 Engaged Cities Award Review Committee

Sara Mogulescu

Executive Vice President, The Volcker Alliance

Sara Mogulescu joined the Volcker Alliance in September 2018 as its first Executive Vice President. She has dedicated her career to the civic sector and has established an extensive record of working with leaders of public agencies, national foundations, and community organizations to achieve impact and implement change. She is a nationally recognized expert in program design, nonprofit management strategy, and innovation in city government.

Mogulescu came to the Alliance from Bennett Midland, a civic sector consulting firm at which she was a partner. During her tenure there, she collaborated with agencies and community groups to design and execute complex interdisciplinary initiatives. She led the team that supported the development and rollout of What Works Cities, a national effort by Bloomberg Philanthropies that has helped 100 midsize American cities accelerate their use of data and evidence to engage citizens, make government more effective, and improve people’s lives.

Previously, Mogulescu served as the founding Director of the Center on Youth Justice at the Vera Institute of Justice, where she developed and managed a varied portfolio of initiatives. Before joining Vera, she was an associate at Morvillo, Abramowitz, Grand, Iason, Anello & Bohrer P.C., a New York law firm, where she represented clients in federal criminal matters.

She holds a JD from the New York University School of Law and a BA in economics and government from Wesleyan University.

Recently, Mogulescu has overseen several key initiatives at the Volcker Alliance, including the Government to University (G2U) Initiative, which focuses on advancing deeper partnerships between government and universities. The goal of these partnerships is to strengthen access to top talent, workforce preparedness, and support for applied research, predictive analytics, and program evaluation.

For more information on the G2U Initiative, visit the Volcker Alliance website at





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