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May 17, 2018

2018 Engaged Cities
Award Summit

2018 Engaged Cities Award Summit

Cities of Service shined a light on creative and effective citizen engagement strategies at the 2018 Engaged Cities Award Summit. Mayors, city leaders, and partners who are committed to creating better cities together with citizens helped make the event a huge success. The 10 finalists shared their insights and creative strategies with attendees, who came away with new ideas they can use in their own cities.

Throughout the day, participants learned about best practices and new approaches to problem solving with citizens and made connections with fellow city leaders. These relationships will be the foundation of future collaboration. We all came away inspired and ready to tackle new challenges together.

Scroll through photos from the event below.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities or participation in the next Engaged Cities Award Summit, please email Amy Miller at [email protected].

Watch Highlights from our 2018 Engaged Cities Award Summit

The Power of Imagination

City leaders of Bologna - one of three winners -discuss policy changes that freed residents to improve their city.

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How Data Transformed Tulsa

G.T. Bynum, Mayor, City of Tulsa, Oklahoma describes the success of the city's Urban Data Pioneers program.

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Building Trust in the Community

Doctor Phillip Atiba Goff speaks on his work as the president of the Center for Policing Equity, which he co-founded.

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Hacking Civic Engagement

A discussion on the creative power of citizens featuring leaders from San Jose, California, Fort Collins, Colorado and Boston, Massachusetts

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The Importance of Mayoral Leadership and Ambition

Gary, Indiana Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson on how to better harness public creativity.

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Creating Peace in Santiago de Cali

Leaders from winner Santiago de Cali, Colombia explain how they worked with citizens to dramatically lower the city's violence.

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Mining a Connected City

Katja Meusel, Executive Officer for Participation, Department of Urban Planning in Hamm, Germany, on the transformation of 540 acres of abandoned industrial area into a public park.

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The Crowdsourced Constitution

Gabriella Gómez-Mont, Co-Founder and Director, Laboratorio de la Ciudad in Mexico City, Mexico, explains how citizens helped craft the city's new constitution.

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A More Inclusive Helsinki

Helsinki leaders on setting young migrants up for success in the city's institutions.

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Huntington's Health Renaissance

Steve T Williams, Mayor, City of Huntington, West Virginia on the city's successful program to reduce the obesity rate.

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